OGAP ALPHA EP-004 – Rage Against The Machines: iPhone 4 Directors Cut


In the 5th(?) episode of OGAP ALPHA. We review the iPhone 4S, and iOS 5. Pre-reqiusite WARNING! This episode contains profanity, sexism, and RAGE! As such, it is offensive…to everyone.


Yes, the OGAP crew finally releases an episode, and its about the iPhone 5 iPhone 4$, We pretty much talk about everything everyone has already talked about, chief among them is Siri, the humble electronic assistant, and we proceed to ask it questions that everyone already asked it, two months ago. If you had the iPhone 3GS and are due for an upgrade, you should get the 4$, if not, then be a little patient and wait for the next iPhone

We played rage. Did you?

Surprisingly enough, we talked about the game RAGE(Which we were going to originally talk about, but scrapped the idea), and it’s not very good. We also talked about stories of irony, rejection,  FLASH, and everything else that makes us play RAGE.


Patrick George Jones

You can follow this terminally single man on twitter, @Whats_Ur_Name

Patrick spent the interim between episodes growing out his No Shave November(TM) beard & mustache. During the episode, we find out that Pat Jonez is a very depressed individual, someone aught to drug him up with some Abilify(R)


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In this episode, we learn that Mr. 37 is a PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER. That must explain why he is so enthused with the 4$, because it takes excellent pictures (unless you use the flash). Hopefully he won’t regret his purchase of the 4$, but you should always bet on buyers remorse.


At least it knows it's name

 Siri, the humble personal assistant, dazzled us with all of its powers, such as where to stash bodies, telling the meaning of life, and calling you an ambulance. We feel bad for dragging her out here to do everything that the internet already did six months ago, but what else were we going to talk about? RAGE?



Episode No.004

Title:  “Rage Against The Machines: iPhone 4 Directors Cut”

Length: 1:11:44

Intro: “Bombshell” by Powerman 5000

Commercial breaks 1 & 2: “Rolling In The Deep” by ADELE

Outro: “On the Seventh Day” by David Marriott

File: MP3 (OGAP/iTunes) AIFF (Soundcloud)

Date recorded: 12-3-11

Date released: 12-6-11


 OGAP ALPHA EP -000 MOL EP – 31 – Barefoot Gen: It’ll scar u 4 life

GUYS THIS PICTURE IS NSF-oh shit...too late.

In the 4th(?) episode of OGAP ALPHA. We take you to Pat Jonez very first podcast apperence. It was Manga Out Loud with Ed Sizemore, where they reviewed Barefoot Gen, quite possible one of the most terrifying Manga ever made.  To do this, we had to abuse  the creative commons license in order to bring you this episode. Just in time to miss Halloween.


In this particular episode of Manga Out Loud. Ed, Rob, Sam & Pat review Barefoot Gen. The panel comes to a general consensus that , even though it has it’s flaws, this manga is “high art”, and is a must read for anyone.  You can get your own copy and psychologically abuse yourself  by going here.  For those of you who don’t know about Barefoot Gen, allow us to introduce you

(P.S. We here at OGAP are terrible people and is video is one example why.)


Ed Sizemore

You can always follow Ed on twitter. @edsizemore

For some reason. Ed decided to let Pat on his podcast to talk about Barefoot Gen (Pat suggested that his persistence, coupled with his contribution to the Manga Moveable Feast about Barefoot Gen, is what landed him on the panel.) He was great this episode, even with Skype and Pat Jonez on his back. He is truly a professional podcaster, unlike us.

BTW he also plugs an article that he wrote about Barefoot Gen, which you can find here.

Sam Kusek

Sam can't not be found on twitter @samkusek

Sam had to deal with the Plague known as Pat Jonez & Skype cocktail. But, against all odds, he came out on the other side.

Sam was also brave enough to host the Barefoot Gen MMF which is here if you’re interested.


Rob can be found twitter when you search for the username @panelpatter

 Third verse, same as the first, and second.

Rob’s thoughts on Barefoot Gen is here.


Pat Jonez is: The Otaku

@Whats_Ur_Name ?

For some reason, Pat Jonez ( Who at this time, had never recorded nor been on a podcast) wormed his way into the panel by way of his contribution to the MMF. He almost yolked the episode with his amatureness, but thankfully for everyone, that was not the case. But Pat was given his first taste of podcasting, the consequences of which we may not know for years. But we’ll tell you this, You give an amateur an inch, and they’ll go a mile.



Episode No.004/000 (OGAP) Episode No.31 (MOL)

Title:  “Barefoot Gen: It’ll scar u 4 life” (OGAP) “Barefoot Gen MMF (Spoilers Warning!)” (MOL)

Length: 59:58 (OGAP) 56:20 (MOL)

Intro:  “Bombshell” by Powerman 5000 (OGAP) “The Real Folk Blues” by Yoko Kanno & Yuho Iwasato (MOL)

Outro:  “On the Seventh Day” by David Marriott (OGAP) “The Real Folk Blues” by Yoko Kanno & Yuho Iwasato (MOL)


Date Recorded: 11-6-11 ( OGAP) 02-20-11 (MOL)

Date Released: 11-6-11 (OGAP) 02-22-11 (MOL)


Once upon a time. There was a comics convention in the concrete jungle where dreams are made of. Where there where video games, Playboy bunnies, deloreans, batmobiles, and some comics. And one day, Pat Jonez from OGAP went there to learn about the human condition. These are his stories.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Patrick had a very emotional time at NYCC. There he played a sequel to the darkness, Skyward Swords, 3D lands, Dead Islands, and messed with MAX PAYNE 3 and ASURA’S WRATH.  He was very enthusiastic about playing video games at a comics convention, you may look no further than the times when he frequently check his 3DS to see if he got any Street Pass(TM) tags. Street Pass(TM) sure came in handy here, because Patrick faced over a 100,000 people on Saturday and it showed, the halls were packed and it took over ten minutes to navigate the rooms as such. However, Patrick only got 64 Street Pass(TM) tags during the whole trip. As for comics, Patrick didn’t get any, didn’t read any, and didn’t hear anything about comic books. As such , Patrick is left to wonder if New York Comic Con has been hijacked. Because he sees a large booth for The Black Eyed Peas Experience(TM) The Game, but no such equivalent for comics, sans a booth for the Avengers movies.

New York Comic Con is the sloppy seconds for those who didn’t go to San Diego Comic Con, but soon it won’t be. The convention is growing at an alarming rate, and by next year, it will be just as insufferable as SDCC. For these reasons, Patrick Jones closes the book on this tale and scores it 2 Hats out of Five.

OGAP ALPHA EP-003 – Three Dimensional Shit


I liek OGAP before they went mainstream

Son, I am dissapoint. In the third episode of OGAP ALPHA, You said you would review the Nintendo 3DS and Spotify. You only reviewed the 3DS and that was shit. This is what happens when a podcast sells out.



We don't lieks it

 We review the 3DS. Mr. 37 and Pat Jonez hate it, It’s a shit device that costs too much blood and treasure to use. Don’t be tempted by its ports of old games you like. There are better alternatives…


We have joined up with Soundcloud! They are now hosting our show and providing the RSS feed for the podcast as part of their Podcasting Beta. Sure you could use  other stuff to listen to us… BUT USE THE SOUNDCLOUD STUFF.

Just Kidding...We didn't get around to it.

We were going to review Spotify, the streaming music service, BUT WE GOT BOOBOOS!!! Maybe someday we’ll get around to it…


One of the hosts suffer a mental breakdown, and there is lots of fighting, physically and mentally, as a result. This episode is guaranteed to lower your opinion of us. Even more than the last one.


Patrick George Jones

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Pat Jonez shows how susceptible he is to being scammed. Not only does he buy the terrible 3DS, he also bought it at his local national retailers, causing him to pay sales tax. Again.


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 Rouge shows his dedication(?) to the podcast by doing it while being wounded, TWICE (And he keeps going for another half hour!). As such, this episode is dedicated to him, for we will never forget his sacrifice.




This episode, we are infested by THE MEMES!  WHO TRY TO MAKE OUR SHOW EVEN WORSE THAN IT WAS!

We are also joined by a Cat. Named Citty.



Episode No. 003

Title: Three Dimensional Shit

Length: 58:34

Intro: “Bombshell” by Powerman 5000

Comercial Break #1:  Apple “Think Different” Commercial w/ Steve Jobs narrating

Comercial Break #2: Nintendo 3DS Music – Streetpass Mii Plaza

Outro: “On the Seventh Day” by David Marriott

File: Mp3

Date Recorded: 10-9-11

Date Released: 10-10-11

The short headline up above tells you everything you need to know, so we’ll just tell you the nitty gritty details. We registered a domain name called ogap.tv (If you look up at the top of your browser you can see the results of our hard labor) at hover.com . This is just another step towards breaking out of WordPress and having all our hopes and dreams rest on multiple shaky pillars. Soon we will be dependent on multiple people/services to keep us alive. MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

We now have an alternate way to listen to “Oh Great! Another Podcast”. It’s on SOUNDCLOUD! THAT’S RIGHT BABY WE SOLD OUT AFTER 2 EPISODES!! You can now choose between the direct link and the embedded Soundcloud player for listening to our podcast. We also are partaking in the Soundcloud podcasting beta, which gives us unlimited hosting for the show and a RSS feed for Soundcloud. As such, you can subscribe to the Soundcloud RSS feed here . We send our thanks to Ben Fawkes for hacking into our account and adding us to the podcasting beta. We are making him an Executive Producer of “Oh Great! Another Podcast” as thanks.


Reaction Shot

The reaction to this episode

 In the second episode of “Oh Great Another Podcast” Pat & Rouge Review the Quake tour across America (Sponsored by the NSA) , The Bowers & Wilkins P5 Mobile Hifi Stereo Headset; and much to New Jerseys disgust, The C3 Hurricane Irene.



Not the videogame

The Quake Tour Across America. The 6.0 earthquake that traumatized the east coast on 08-23-11 (Yeah we know, this episode is pretty late to the party) . Patrick pluged an episode of No Agenda that talked about the earthquake that was much better than what we did, which you can find here


This episode is not sponsored by Bower & Wilkins

We review the excellent  P5 Headphones by Bower & Wilkins. It is one of the best headphones you can buy, period. You can take that to the bank by getting a pair here


I don't want to hurt anyone. I just wanted to go to Disney World.

The C3 to C2 to C1 to Tropical Storm Irene, o.k.a. The Crossfire Hurricane that barreled down the east coast on the same week as the earthquake. We east-coasters can’t catch a break. If there is a reason as to why we stop podcasting, this would be why. Because we will probably die of shame, or murder, whichever comes first.

BTW , we mention that the Hurricane has a twitter account, which, has now downgraded to a human instead of a storm, but you can still always follow the storm @Irene 


Patrick Jones

Pat Jonez

You can always follow this disgusting excuse for a human being on tweeter. @Whats_Ur_Name

This episode, we learn that Patrick had an irrational fear of thunderstorms, and that he lives in Connecticut. He also TAKES ADVANTAGE OF DISASTERS TO GET WHAT HE WANTS. Such as using the hurricane as a topic for a podcast, and trying to buy headphones tax-free because of Irene. So shameful.

The Rouge 37


You can follow this chair on tweeter @TheRouge37

This episode, we learn that the Rouge lives in Connecticut, and that he sleeps in his chair because he is too lazy to clean his bed. His room is also incredibly warm, so warm that you could faint.



Episode Title: P&R vs. THE WORLD

Episode No. 002

Length: 1:39:04

Intro: “Bombshell” by Powerman 5000

Commercial Break #1-3: Used songs from “Gyakkyo Burai Kaiji Hakairoku Hen Original Soundtrack

Commercial Break#4: “Jumping Jack Flash” by The Rolling Stones

Outro: “On the Seventh Day” by David Marriott

File format: Mp3