We are such amateurs…

Thats why we need YOUR help. And before you ask, no we are not asking for money…yet…(probably never).

What we do need is advice; advice on how to improve the podcast.

If you like this show and want to support it, or you just want to help out the little guy against THE MAN, we are currently facing the following issues that we could use your help on.


Really Simple Syndication is the lifeblood of any podcast, as it is what’s needed to get a podcast onto iTunes. We need help on getting our RSS to feedburner, getting audio files onto iTunes podcast directory and tips on being able to directly control the info on the mp3 file so the podcast file isn’t filled with junk numbers that make little sense.


Life is so easy in a squarespace. Squarespace has an excellent interface and much better CMS and template options. However, Squarespace doesn’t accept audio files for upload, making it very unfriendly to podcasters (WHY, WHY ARE YOU DUPING US LEO LAPORTE?). Perhaps with Squarespace Version 6, this will change. But right now we need to be able to import this blog to squarespace and to have somewhere to host  and play the audio files without having to use wordpress. Because wordpress blows.


We need to tighten up our audio equipment, We need good recommendations on mid-high range microphones, soundboards, and skype recording programs. Plus anything that could improve the latter such as pop filters and shock absorbers.


MS paint presents

Our shitty logo made in MS paint. We need a better one.

See that logo up there? Yeah we know its awful. Know someone who is good at making logo’s? Let us know, because while this logo is charming, and extremely evident of who we are. That doesn’t look good on a T-Shirt.


Our original URL is way too long. We need to be able to set up our own (short) domain name and have it forward to the website, especially since we are planning to change the hosting. It would also help us greatly if you could forward a domain name you have to our website and/or help us set up the domain name and domain name forwarding.


This document shows an ideal future of the pillars that will hold up OGAP. Feel free to critique it and suggest ideas.


At if you are interested in helping us.

If you help us. We will do anything in our power to reward you, such as a special mention on the show, and our eternal gratitude and respect. AND/OR we can even make you a producer of the show! (We will back you up with the credit, unlike those phonies in Hollywood)


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