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In the single worst 5 hours of your life. P&R (and some other dude) take you for a ride through existential land and discover the secrets of the universe, by way of the McDonald’s…and Die Hard. ELIMINATE ALL RATIONAL THOUGHT.


We’ll be honest with you. We haven’t even listened to the whole thing yet. So be warned, it is unedited and unaltered. So if you haven’t gone deaf from listening to some of our episodes then don’t push your luck here. All we can recall is that the OGAP crew got some lunch, played a bunch of music, and watched Die Hard (Starring Bruce Willis). The point is, if you listened to the WHOLE thing, then email us at and send us the best hate mail the internet has to offer. Because you’ve earned it soldier.






Because it’s APRIL FOOLS!!!! (2 months ago)



Episode No.010

Title: Naked Lunch

Date Recorded: 3/27/12

Date Released: 4/1/12

Date The Press Release Was Released: 6/7/12


OGAP ALPHA EP-009 – Drawing The Line For Quality Podcasts Since 2011

Imagine, a paper flamethrower…

In the shortest (and worst?) podcast yet. P&R review Ghost Rider (Spirit Of Vengence) and *snirks* Redline.


Holy shit that is a good poster

We continue the driving theme with Ghost Rider Spirt Of Vengence. Unlike the last two movies, this has a substainsal amount of driving in it, and it dosen’t blantently lie about it. Directed by Neveldeen/Taylor (The Crank guys) and starring Nicolas Cage (who’ve we mentioned last episode), Ghost Rider: SOV is a Pop Art-Drama-Horror Story and was the best movie of the year at that time (untill Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Slayer comes)

This guy gives our review the thumbs up. If only he knew…IF ONLY HE KNEW!!

Then we review Redline…*snirks* goddammit could not say that with a straight face. We “review” Redline with a line. “It’s good” This is easily our worst review ever. Which is incredibly sad in retrospect, because Redline is amazing, easily one of the best movies to come out in a long, long time. But we crossed the line this time, because were pretty sure we pissed off Gerald of the Anime World Oder podcast, we can’t blame him, especially since we said we have the better rape face.


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Patrick draws the line for short podcasts this episode clocking in at a little over half an hour (only to tragically cross the line next episode). If you were pissed at the Redline review, it was all his idea.

You can follow this puking skull on twitter @TheRouge37

Rouge may not have came up with the idea for fucking over the Redline. But Rouge let it happen.

“All that is necessary for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing …”

-Edmund Burke



Episode No.009

Title: Drawing The Line For Quality Podcasts Since 2011

Length: 38:37

Intro: “Bombshell” by Powerman 5000

Commercial Break #1: “(Ghost) Riders In The Sky: A Cowboy Legend” by Johnny Cash

Commercial Break # 2 REDLINE Title by James Shimoji

Commercial Break #3 “REDLINE DAY(feat. Rob Laufer)” by James Shimoji

Outro: “On the Seventh Day” by David Marriott

Date Recorded: 3/24/12

Date Released: 3/26/12

Date The Press Release Was Realeased: 6/7/12

OGAP ALPHA EP-o08 – Drive Down The River, Not Across It

Following their most popular episode to date. P&R follow Daryl’s advice and review Drive, and Drive Angry Shot In 3D Starring Nicholas Cage, and they proceed to fill the review with pregnant pauses and murderous rage…*sigh


Patrick snorting some Drive

We tell you something some people don’t want to hear. That Drive is an excellent movie. While it has very little driving in it (much to that one lady’s dismay) It is dripping with style and gore from every pore. While it doesn’t have a ton of violence. What is there is pretty amazing. And pretty painful, it hurts to just think about it (oww).

“No cage can keep Nic in for long”

After an indeterminable amount of time (WHO KNOWS? THEY COULD HAVE JUST EDITED OUT THE PART WHERE THEY WENT TO THE HOSPITAL) they reviewed Drive Angry Shot In 3D. This movie…is fucking nuts! There is copious amounts of sex, violence, sex and violence. shitty(read: awesome) CG, and bludgeoning that would rival any exploitative film. This is BEFORE Nic Cage comes in. Which makes it the best movie of 2011.


Patrick George Jones

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Patrick suffers a massive injury by having his wrists slashed by The Rouge 37. Forcing him to go to the hospital in between recordings and making him unable to write the press release for this episode for several months because he had to go through physical therapy with an ex-baseball star to get his wrists working again. We will never forget his sacrifice. Never forgive, never forget.

The Rouge 37

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Rouge lives up to his name by attacking the co-hosts not once! Not twice!! BUT EIGHT TIMES!!! Killing one host and sending the other to the hospital. It is a most dangerous game here on OGAP

You cannot follow this frog on twitter because he is dead. Not because he’s a puppet, with no sentience or free will. But because he’s dead. We won’t be seeing him again.

Due to SOMEONE *coughs* ROUGE 37 *coughs* The racist pedophile Mr.Frog was killed live on tape. Making this the first snuff audio podcast ever recorded. But maybe Mr. Frog was asking for it, wearing all that slutty makeup. Maybe…



Episode No.008

Title: Drive Down The River, Not Across It

Episode Length: 1:03:47

Intro: “Bombshell” by Powerman 5000

Commercial Break #1″: Nightcall” by Kavinsky

Commercial Break #2: “A Real Hero” by College & Electric Youth

Commercial Break #3: Nothing. Just dead silence

Outro: “On the Seventh Day” by David Marriott

File: (OGAP/iTunes) MP3 (Soundcloud) AIFF

Date Recorded: 2-18-12

Date Released: 2-20-12

Date When The Press Release Was Released: 5-22-12