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OGAP ALPHA EP-009 – Drawing The Line For Quality Podcasts Since 2011

Imagine, a paper flamethrower…

In the shortest (and worst?) podcast yet. P&R review Ghost Rider (Spirit Of Vengence) and *snirks* Redline.


Holy shit that is a good poster

We continue the driving theme with Ghost Rider Spirt Of Vengence. Unlike the last two movies, this has a substainsal amount of driving in it, and it dosen’t blantently lie about it. Directed by Neveldeen/Taylor (The Crank guys) and starring Nicolas Cage (who’ve we mentioned last episode), Ghost Rider: SOV is a Pop Art-Drama-Horror Story and was the best movie of the year at that time (untill Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Slayer comes)

This guy gives our review the thumbs up. If only he knew…IF ONLY HE KNEW!!

Then we review Redline…*snirks* goddammit could not say that with a straight face. We “review” Redline with a line. “It’s good” This is easily our worst review ever. Which is incredibly sad in retrospect, because Redline is amazing, easily one of the best movies to come out in a long, long time. But we crossed the line this time, because were pretty sure we pissed off Gerald of the Anime World Oder podcast, we can’t blame him, especially since we said we have the better rape face.


You can follow Pat the Painter on twitter @Whats_Ur_Name

Patrick draws the line for short podcasts this episode clocking in at a little over half an hour (only to tragically cross the line next episode). If you were pissed at the Redline review, it was all his idea.

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Rouge may not have came up with the idea for fucking over the Redline. But Rouge let it happen.

“All that is necessary for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing …”

-Edmund Burke



Episode No.009

Title: Drawing The Line For Quality Podcasts Since 2011

Length: 38:37

Intro: “Bombshell” by Powerman 5000

Commercial Break #1: “(Ghost) Riders In The Sky: A Cowboy Legend” by Johnny Cash

Commercial Break # 2 REDLINE Title by James Shimoji

Commercial Break #3 “REDLINE DAY(feat. Rob Laufer)” by James Shimoji

Outro: “On the Seventh Day” by David Marriott

Date Recorded: 3/24/12

Date Released: 3/26/12

Date The Press Release Was Realeased: 6/7/12


 OGAP ALPHA EP -000 MOL EP – 31 – Barefoot Gen: It’ll scar u 4 life

GUYS THIS PICTURE IS NSF-oh shit...too late.

In the 4th(?) episode of OGAP ALPHA. We take you to Pat Jonez very first podcast apperence. It was Manga Out Loud with Ed Sizemore, where they reviewed Barefoot Gen, quite possible one of the most terrifying Manga ever made.  To do this, we had to abuse  the creative commons license in order to bring you this episode. Just in time to miss Halloween.


In this particular episode of Manga Out Loud. Ed, Rob, Sam & Pat review Barefoot Gen. The panel comes to a general consensus that , even though it has it’s flaws, this manga is “high art”, and is a must read for anyone.  You can get your own copy and psychologically abuse yourself  by going here.  For those of you who don’t know about Barefoot Gen, allow us to introduce you

(P.S. We here at OGAP are terrible people and is video is one example why.)


Ed Sizemore

You can always follow Ed on twitter. @edsizemore

For some reason. Ed decided to let Pat on his podcast to talk about Barefoot Gen (Pat suggested that his persistence, coupled with his contribution to the Manga Moveable Feast about Barefoot Gen, is what landed him on the panel.) He was great this episode, even with Skype and Pat Jonez on his back. He is truly a professional podcaster, unlike us.

BTW he also plugs an article that he wrote about Barefoot Gen, which you can find here.

Sam Kusek

Sam can't not be found on twitter @samkusek

Sam had to deal with the Plague known as Pat Jonez & Skype cocktail. But, against all odds, he came out on the other side.

Sam was also brave enough to host the Barefoot Gen MMF which is here if you’re interested.


Rob can be found twitter when you search for the username @panelpatter

 Third verse, same as the first, and second.

Rob’s thoughts on Barefoot Gen is here.


Pat Jonez is: The Otaku

@Whats_Ur_Name ?

For some reason, Pat Jonez ( Who at this time, had never recorded nor been on a podcast) wormed his way into the panel by way of his contribution to the MMF. He almost yolked the episode with his amatureness, but thankfully for everyone, that was not the case. But Pat was given his first taste of podcasting, the consequences of which we may not know for years. But we’ll tell you this, You give an amateur an inch, and they’ll go a mile.



Episode No.004/000 (OGAP) Episode No.31 (MOL)

Title:  “Barefoot Gen: It’ll scar u 4 life” (OGAP) “Barefoot Gen MMF (Spoilers Warning!)” (MOL)

Length: 59:58 (OGAP) 56:20 (MOL)

Intro:  “Bombshell” by Powerman 5000 (OGAP) “The Real Folk Blues” by Yoko Kanno & Yuho Iwasato (MOL)

Outro:  “On the Seventh Day” by David Marriott (OGAP) “The Real Folk Blues” by Yoko Kanno & Yuho Iwasato (MOL)


Date Recorded: 11-6-11 ( OGAP) 02-20-11 (MOL)

Date Released: 11-6-11 (OGAP) 02-22-11 (MOL)


Once upon a time. There was a comics convention in the concrete jungle where dreams are made of. Where there where video games, Playboy bunnies, deloreans, batmobiles, and some comics. And one day, Pat Jonez from OGAP went there to learn about the human condition. These are his stories.


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Patrick had a very emotional time at NYCC. There he played a sequel to the darkness, Skyward Swords, 3D lands, Dead Islands, and messed with MAX PAYNE 3 and ASURA’S WRATH.  He was very enthusiastic about playing video games at a comics convention, you may look no further than the times when he frequently check his 3DS to see if he got any Street Pass(TM) tags. Street Pass(TM) sure came in handy here, because Patrick faced over a 100,000 people on Saturday and it showed, the halls were packed and it took over ten minutes to navigate the rooms as such. However, Patrick only got 64 Street Pass(TM) tags during the whole trip. As for comics, Patrick didn’t get any, didn’t read any, and didn’t hear anything about comic books. As such , Patrick is left to wonder if New York Comic Con has been hijacked. Because he sees a large booth for The Black Eyed Peas Experience(TM) The Game, but no such equivalent for comics, sans a booth for the Avengers movies.

New York Comic Con is the sloppy seconds for those who didn’t go to San Diego Comic Con, but soon it won’t be. The convention is growing at an alarming rate, and by next year, it will be just as insufferable as SDCC. For these reasons, Patrick Jones closes the book on this tale and scores it 2 Hats out of Five.

OGAP ALPHA EP-001 – Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery 


The first one. The worst one. Is here.

In the FIRST EVER episode of “Oh Great Another Podcast” Patrick talks about his experience at A.F.O. Anime Fandom Overload While “The Maverick” Rouge 37 laughs at his misfortune.


AFO Logo


 The main topic. Anime Festival Orlando. A small convention in a not-so-small city.


First is always the worst

 Patrick Jones First.


What is Anime?Strangely enough, Patrick watched anime at a anime con about anime. Ironic, if that is even a correct use of the word Ironic.


Patrick Jones

The Otaku

You can follow this otaku on twitter @Whats_Ur_Name

Patrick had a lot to say this episode, to a fault. Pat left everyone, including the audience, in the dust. He plugs a review on amazon about Eva 2.22 which you can find here

The Rouge 37

A guy

You can follow this persona @TheRouge37

This Maverick was…just kinda there. Rouge says that he didn’t interrupt Pat because he was “…telling a goddamn story” .



Episode Title: Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

Episode No. 001

Length: 1:28:01

Intro: “Bombshell” by Powerman 5000

Outro: “On the Seventh Day” by David Marriott

File format: Mp3