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OGAP ALPHA EP-004 – Rage Against The Machines: iPhone 4 Directors Cut


In the 5th(?) episode of OGAP ALPHA. We review the iPhone 4S, and iOS 5. Pre-reqiusite WARNING! This episode contains profanity, sexism, and RAGE! As such, it is offensive…to everyone.


Yes, the OGAP crew finally releases an episode, and its about the iPhone 5 iPhone 4$, We pretty much talk about everything everyone has already talked about, chief among them is Siri, the humble electronic assistant, and we proceed to ask it questions that everyone already asked it, two months ago. If you had the iPhone 3GS and are due for an upgrade, you should get the 4$, if not, then be a little patient and wait for the next iPhone

We played rage. Did you?

Surprisingly enough, we talked about the game RAGE(Which we were going to originally talk about, but scrapped the idea), and it’s not very good. We also talked about stories of irony, rejection,  FLASH, and everything else that makes us play RAGE.


Patrick George Jones

You can follow this terminally single man on twitter, @Whats_Ur_Name

Patrick spent the interim between episodes growing out his No Shave November(TM) beard & mustache. During the episode, we find out that Pat Jonez is a very depressed individual, someone aught to drug him up with some Abilify(R)


You can follow this professional photographer on twitter, @TheRouge37

In this episode, we learn that Mr. 37 is a PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER. That must explain why he is so enthused with the 4$, because it takes excellent pictures (unless you use the flash). Hopefully he won’t regret his purchase of the 4$, but you should always bet on buyers remorse.


At least it knows it's name

 Siri, the humble personal assistant, dazzled us with all of its powers, such as where to stash bodies, telling the meaning of life, and calling you an ambulance. We feel bad for dragging her out here to do everything that the internet already did six months ago, but what else were we going to talk about? RAGE?



Episode No.004

Title:  “Rage Against The Machines: iPhone 4 Directors Cut”

Length: 1:11:44

Intro: “Bombshell” by Powerman 5000

Commercial breaks 1 & 2: “Rolling In The Deep” by ADELE

Outro: “On the Seventh Day” by David Marriott

File: MP3 (OGAP/iTunes) AIFF (Soundcloud)

Date recorded: 12-3-11

Date released: 12-6-11

  1. mabinfo4u says:

    calm down man. but hey it’s good your able to say what you think.

  2. # Chan says:

    Man, Patrick’s aside to the audience about his loneliness is so brazen. But I salute you man, for trying to fix that. However, you will die single, because girls hate desperate men

  3. Tubular says:

    Hey man, I’m one of your six listeners, and I just wanted to say that, yes, Youtube does suck. I was playing a movie the other day on it, and the buffering was so bad that I had to play it at 240p, and it still buffered.
    …By the way I use AT&T

  4. Adult says:

    Hey man, I’m one of your six listeners, and you shouldn’t push away what few listeners you got with your childish attitude. But as for the Youtube question, yes, It has been going poorly for me. I was trying to watch Baby On Board, and the video took 2 hours to load. This is absolutely unacceptable, and AT&T and Google should be ashamed of themselves.

  5. That Guy says:

    Yes guys, youtube is shit. But I use AT&T, so take that for what it’s worth.

  6. A Girl says:

    You guys are right, this episode is offensive to women. You’re sexist attitude and possessiveness, is frankly, disgusting, and I will not listen to any more of it.
    But before I go, you were right on one other thing. Youtube has been acting terrible as of late, and it has really detracted my experience with it, and I’m planning on canceling my AT&T service and switching to another internet provider, because those bandwidth caps are a drain on my income.

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